Movement Designed is all about freedom from pain. We’re a physio-based company in Wellington, helping you to build good habits and create lifestyle changes – allowing you to kick your injuries once and for all. Through personal training, classes and one-on-one treatment, we can help you to discover the incredible feats your body is capable of. If you’re injured, or just curious, get in touch.

Why Movement Designed?

Movement Designed is a physiotherapy and movement clinic based in Wellington.

We specialise in the optimisation of human movement by working closely with people in the area of rehabilitation and injury prevention.

We offer Personal Training, Physiotherapy and Group Fitness Classes.

Our vision is to change the way we, as a culture, look at health and wellbeing.

Movement Designed teaches Functional Range Conditioning (FRC)®, which is a comprehensive joint health and mobility training system based on scientific principles and research. Developed for people of all athletic ability, FRC is now being increasingly used in top level sporting environments such as the NBA, and Major League Baseball.

What we teach through FRC is a regression on functional exercise. Think of it like learning to walk before learning to run. We work to educate people on understanding joint independence  before they jump into compound movements. This way we help them develop an understanding of the prerequisites required for optimum function and minimising injury risk.

Put simply, if movement is lacking in a joint which is required for the task you are attempting then you can be sure that somewhere else in the body, compensation is occuring. When the load taken exceeds the load bearing capacity of the tissue, this is where injury happens.

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    • Cell: 021 294 5 781


    • Address: Inside the Life Centre 21 Hania Street,
      Mount Victoria
      Wellington, New Zealand

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